Equipment List

The UW–Madison Catalysis Center is located in the Chemistry Department and houses a wide variety of equipment and instrumentation for performing and monitoring chemical reactions at elevated pressures.

In order to use the equipment and instruments you must first be trained by a Catalysis Center PA. The contact information can be found on the right.

Please also follow these guidelines:

  • Log your activity
  • Make sure that you are handling all equipment in a safe manner. If you are unsure, double check with a PA.
We currently have these equipment and instruments for general use:
More information can be found on the User Guides page.

Cylinder of H2

The gas cylinder of Hcan be used to fill balloons or pressure reactors. This can be found on the 5th floor in the Keck center.




This instrument has 8 wells that can be programmed to operate at different temperatures and pressures. It can also be used to obtain constant pressure gas up-take data. The Chemscan is in Room 6120.



A CAT24 is a Parr-like vessel with twenty four slots that can accommodate heavy-duty glass tubes. Each slot has its own condenser/cold finger. These vessels are most suited for high pressure screening. We have two stainless steel and one hastelloy vessel (located in the Keck Center and Room 6120).


100 mL parr vessel

The stainless steel Parr vessel is equipped with a heating mantle and thermocouple. It can be charged up to a pressure of 2700 PSI. This Parr vessel is kept in the Keck Center.




We have two ReactIR instruments. One is fitted with a dip probe and one is fitted with a probe that can be attached to a Parr vessel. The ReactIRs are kept on the 6th floor of the Shain building.




A VAC DRI-TRAIN glove box is housed in the catalysis center to aid in air sensitive chemistry.